Stylesheet and Templates

The final author revision of a submission that has been accepted for publication must adhere to the formatting and style guidelines contained in the PDA tempate/stylesheet, which comes in both a Word version and a LaTeX version on Overleaf, for which there are LSA guidelines. These templates are also perfectly appropriate for producing the PDF versions of submissions at the initial and subsequent review stages, provided that the first page header with the PDA logo and title and author information are removed. At the final revision stage, the author(s) should upload a single .zip file containing both a production-ready PDF version of the article and the source file or files. 

At the copyediting stage, the editorial and production teams may, subject to the ultimate approval of the author(s), make minor adjustments to the final revision to correct any typos or errors and to ensure that the formatting and style conventions laid out in the template/stylesheet have been followed. The author(s) may also be asked to make further revisions at this stage. If there are substantial deviations from the template/stylesheet and the author(s) prefer to or must leave it up to the editorial and production teams to make the necessary changes, there will be an article-processing charge of $400.